Azienda Agricola F.lli Sironi di Cesarino e Vanni
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Tag der offenen Tür 2015

Second Edition of Vai per Vivai

In September, the “Distretto Florovivaistico Alto Lombardo” (North Lombardy Horticultural District) provided the second edition of Vai per Vivai. The district threw open its doors to the European press to see for themselves a number of high profile nurseries from this region. The event was organized with the support and contribution of the Lombardy Region and Unioncamere through the Chambers of Commerce operating in the District.

Other specialised companies include a family-run nursery F.lli Sironi of approximately four hectares, interesting for the cultivation of Japanese maples in containers, in around 50 varieties. Initially the nursery focused exclusively on the national market. As their production and appreciation grew, the company began trading across Europe, nowadays sell the 90% abroad.


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